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Fascinating world views from the "Well of Death" in India to an icy lake dip to celebrate the Epiphany in Belarus

By Salon Staff
January 20, 2017 1:32AM (UTC)
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GONDAR, ETHIOPIA - JANUARY 18: Women pose for a photograph in traditional Ethiopian dress during the annual Timkat epiphany celebration on January 18, 2017 in Gondar, Ethiopia. Timkat is the Ethiopian Orthodox Christian festival which celebrates the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan river. During the festival, Tabots, or models of the Ark of the Covenant, are taken from churches around Gondar and paraded through the streets to Fasilides Bath. (Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images) (Getty Images)

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Minsk, Belarus   Vasily Fedosenko/Reuters
A man emerges from the icy lake waters during Orthodox Epiphany celebrations


That is the look of a man who is having justifiable second thoughts about deciding to swim in an icy lake. Or maybe he's feeling reinvigorated. Either way, that looks COLD!


—Matthew Rozsa, breaking news writer


Gondar, Ethiopia   Carl Court/Getty
Women pose in traditional Ethiopian dress during the annual Timkat epiphany celebrations


In Catholic philosophy and the work of Catholic-schooled artists like James Joyce, epiphany refers to the bursting forth of light, truth, emotion or divinity. In The Ethiopian Orthodox Chuch, the term has a related meaning, celebrated here at the Timkat epiphany festival in Gondar, where women mark the baptism of Christ in the River Jordan.


—Scott Timberg, culture writer


Berlin, Germany   Joern Pollex/Getty
Illustrator Sarah Settgast posing before the Maisonnoee show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week


Commenting on the sluggish economy yet simultaneous dynamism in the German capital, Berlin's former mayor Klaus Wowereit once described the city as "Arm aber sexy" ("poor but sexy"). The label still applies two decades later – and may it forever!


—Michael Hardy, director of optimization


Allahabad, India   Jitendra Prakash/Reuters
Stunt performers ride a car and a motorcycle around the "Well of Death" at the Magh Mela fair


In Allahabad there is a "Well of Death" where motorists can simulate India's mad driving conditions


—Taylor Link, editorial assistant

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