"Please don't go": Stephen Colbert right-wing pundit sent off outgoing President Barack Obama

"The Late Show" host had to leave his alter ego behind but he brought it back for this special occasion

By Taylor Link

Published January 20, 2017 1:03PM (EST)


Coming to you live from the Mountains of Justice, Stephen Colbert — the conservative commentator — made a come back Thursday night as CBS's "The Late Show" offered President Barack Obama a proper goodbye.

Before the segment, Colbert pointed out it was impossible to summarize and evaluate Obama's rich legacy in a couple of minutes. "Would have to be a delusional egomaniac [to do so]," he joked, thus summoning everybody's favorite political pundit to provide his take on the Obama administration.

"At long last our America-hating, secret-Muslim, lead-from-behind, terrorist fist-bumping hopey-changey apologist-in-chief is leaving office," Colbert said.

In the segment, conservative Colbert conceded Obama had a few successes, which he claimed to include: the killer drone program, spying on American citizens by the NSA, allowing big banks to get bigger, and his failure to close Guantanamo Bay. Despite all of these achievements, the past eight years was not exactly easy on the political commentator.

"Every year of the Obama regime felt like he was strangling a bald eagle with the American flag while taking a dump on an apple pie," Colbert said.

To end the segment, Colbert asked one final wish of the outgoing president: "Now the Obama era is coming to an end and on behalf of everyone who opposed you, sir, I just want to say: 'Please don't go.'"

"I know the Constitution says you've got to go but I will miss you. You were a worthy adversary. You were a leader of vision, patience, dignity, passion and humanity. And it really felt good fighting for the opposite of all those things," Colbert said. "And with our next president, I think we won."

"Thanks, Obama," he closed.

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