WATCH: "It's day seven of the war on facts," says Bill Maher

Wondering aloud "WTF is going on?!", Bill Maher breaks down the week in the war on journalism and facts

By Alli Joseph

Published January 28, 2017 3:00PM (EST)

 (Real Time with Bill Maher)
(Real Time with Bill Maher)

Opening his Friday night show with "Take your pussy hats off and sit down!", Bill Maher joked that it was "day seven of the war on facts." To audience laughter, he noted that in spite of many initial challenges from the Trump administration, "we're still here."

Maher noted that the Women's March on Washington was the "largest gathering of women since they last time they collected the Bill Cosby victims together," and that the feeling of coming together was palpable. "We have our own Tea Party now," he said, "except with more tea and fewer spelling mistakes on the posters!"

The first week of the American presidency has been fraught with attacks on the media and federal funding, with President Trump signing executive orders to slash funding on everything from abortion to education and the arts.

Maher poked fun at Trump's approach to being president, observing that Mr. Trump has no idea how to do the job. "He spent all week signing executive orders in fancy leather binders that look like the menu from Beefsteak Charlie's!"

Executive orders, said Maher, are like "signed tweets!" and don't represent substantive action. "Because he's a doer," he joked. "His first week was like the last half hour of Goodfellas! Ray Liotta is coked up out of his mind and doing ten things at once: he's dropping off a trunk full of handguns AND he's making spaghetti AND helicopters are chasing can't really go on like this for four years, can it?"

Alli Joseph

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