WATCH: It's good to take risks sometimes — this is why your workplace needs more women

If we stop hiring people who are exactly like us, we might actually see positive change in the business world

Published January 29, 2017 1:30PM (EST)

The business world, especially Wall Street, tends to favor those who look, act and talk the same way. This may stem, in part, from employers "seeing themselves" in those who are just beginning their professional careers — or it could simply be because diversity isn't always a priority. Whatever the reason, it's never good for everyone in a field or company to have the same mindset; it means that all workers will have the same approach to problem-solving.

Too many similar perspectives encourage neither thinking outside the box nor fresh answers to company issues. Author Sallie Krawcheck believes industries should start tackling the diversity issue by giving more women leadership roles.

Krawcheck, author of “Own It: The Power of Women at Work,” recently sat down with Salon Talks host Carrie Sheffield to discuss her book and the importance of having different perspectives present in a work setting.

“Women bring some really great qualities to work,” Krawcheck said. “The risk awareness we bring, and the ability to see things and make decisions holistically. Guys have a lot of great qualities too, but these are some that we bring.”

In her book, Krawcheck describes her own experiences in the world of Wall Street and the glass ceilings she encountered and ultimately shattered. Women still have a ways to go, but she said there has been steady progress: “It’s gone from, ‘Hey, we bring great things, but you know, I hope they recognize us,’ to, ‘Hey, we bring great things, we have a lot of options, and we have a lot more power.’”

Sure, it seems risky to hire someone you aren't familiar with, but it's always good to take a little risk.

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