WATCH: Bill Maher says Trump administration has "no idea what we're doing"

On Friday's Real Time, Maher broke down President Trump's latest decisions, including making the airports worse

Published February 4, 2017 1:45PM (EST)

Bill Maher breaks down the week's political headlines, says Trump has made airports "shittier".
Bill Maher breaks down the week's political headlines, says Trump has made airports "shittier".

On Friday's Real Time with Bill Maher, Maher praised audience members for "keeping your chin up".  In a blistering rant on the president's questionable decisions his second week in office, he said the Trump administration still had no idea what it was doing,  And, worst of all, Maher quipped, President Trump "made going to the airport shittier than it was!" with restrictions on travel that Trump's Muslim immigration policy created.   With constantly changing terms and misinformation coming out of the White House, Maher says he

No one has seen Melania since the inauguration, and Maher wondered where she was. "I'm not going to say we have a mad king with his queen locked in a tower, but it is called Trump Tower! She's like the Slovenian Rapunzel - she has to let her hair down!" Other things Maher took issue with included Holocaust Remembrance Day, where the administration appeared to "forget" about the Jews - but as we learned from Trump's team, indeed it was intentional, as they maintained that other people were killed during the war, too. Not to leave out people of color, Trump set up a day of listening with African-American leaders, and promptly spent the meeting talking about himself. "Only Donald Trump could take a day of listening and make it about how he's oppressed," said Maher.  "And finally, to cap off the week, at the National Prayer Breakfast — the National Prayer Breakfast — the president opened the proceedings saying what a tremendous success he was on Celebrity Apprentice..." and that now the ratings are down with Arnold Schwarzenegger as host.  The National Prayer Breakfast is a typically respectful and somber event.  Trump has for unknown reasons lately chosen to feud with the former California governor over his TV performance and now, tax returns. The accusations have been made on Twitter, where they have been exchanging insults for weeks.

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