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Featuring politics writer Chauncey DeVega in free-form conversation

By Chauncey DeVega

Senior Writer

Published February 8, 2017 12:25PM (EST)

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The Chauncey DeVega Show is the official podcast of politics writer Chauncey DeVega. On a weekly basis the show features a relaxed and free-form conversation with artists, authors, musicians, researchers, academics, journalists, activists, as well as Hollywood actors and directors.

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This podcast is part of Salon's new collection of Featured Audio highlighting culturally diverse voices and undiscovered stories.

By Chauncey DeVega

Chauncey DeVega is a senior politics writer for Salon. His essays can also be found at He also hosts a weekly podcast, The Chauncey DeVega Show. Chauncey can be followed on Twitter and Facebook.

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