Sweden's official tweeter is devoting his time to fact-checking President Trump

The citizen-run Twitter account @sweden debunked Trump's claims about crime and immigration in Sweden

Published February 21, 2017 5:54PM (EST)


In 2011 Curators of Sweden — a project administered by the Nordic country's cultural institutions — had an idea. Each week a different Twitter user would take over the country's Twitter handle, @sweden, to showcase to the world the country through a variety of perspectives — as portrayed by Swedes of diverse backgrounds and experiences. The rules are simple: The person would need an active Twitter account and either had to be a resident of Sweden or have Swedish citizenship abroad. Hate speech and promoting a personal brand are frowned upon.

But 22-year-old Max Karlsson, the self-professed "nerd" and "fire starter" who's running the country's social media account this week, as of Monday, can't stop talking about President Donald Trump.

It started with Trump's comments on Saturday about "what's happening last night in Sweden," but continued when the president doubled down on his claims about the Swedish crime rate.

When Karlsson took over @sweden Monday, he wasted no time dispelling Trump's alternative facts.

By Rachel Leah

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