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From WDET in Detroit, Created Equal explores modern-day inequality through a historical lens

Published February 23, 2017 10:07PM (EST)

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Created Equal explores modern-day inequality through a historical lens. Each episode fuses the macro-level insights of our hosts and subject matter experts with creative, human-driven storytelling that explores the impact and origins of various forms of inequity that we are grappling with today. These anecdotes from U.S. history serve as touchstones for both the greatness and weakness of our country.

Music plays a leading role in each episode, not only setting the scene of the central story, but driving the narrative and creating an emotional pathway for the listener to enter and connect with the subjects at its core. All of the music heard in the podcast is composed by or in partnership with Detroit artists to provide this additional layer of context.

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By WDET Detroit

From their studios in Midtown Detroit, WDET 101.9FM creates and curates an award-winning mix of news, music and cultural content that is unique as the city and region they serve. Created Equal is co-hosted by award-winning journalists Stephen Henderson and Laura Weber Davis, and produced by WDET in Detroit.


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