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WATCH: What went into the making of "Planet Earth II"?

Salon Mix breaks down "Planet Earth II" by the numbers

Melanie McFarland
March 1, 2017 9:59PM (UTC)

Stunning imagery. Natural drama. And snakes — lots and lots of snakes.

As for the precise number writhing reptiles featured the the thrilling “Planet Earth II” video "Iguana vs. Snakes," we lost count; suffice it to say, the iguana in question was preposterously outnumbered.


Other numbers associated with "Planet Earth II," which is currently airing on BBC America Saturdays at 9 p.m., are more concrete. An estimated 2.7 million viewers tuned in for the premiere, making it the most watched nature program on U.S. television in five years.

In the U.K.  it premiered in November 2016 to an audience 12.26 million.

The first “Planet Earth” thrilled many more millions of viewer around the world by venturing into remote wildlife habitats and showing a variety of creatures great and small in glorious high-definition. Viewers who didn't have an HDTV in 2006, when the series first aired may have been inspired to save their pennies to purchase one upon viewing some of that series most unforgettable sequences. At the very least, it sold a lot of DVDs and Blu-rays, moving three million units in the United States alone by the end of 2007 .


The six main episodes of “Planet Earth II” are filmed in ultra-HD and high dynamic range, making its scenes exotic animals, otherworldly plants and lovely vistas look as if the could be in the same room.

What else went into the making of this highly acclaimed nature documentary series? Watch our video to find out. You can read more about “Planet Earth II” and listen to an interview with one of its producers, too.

Melanie McFarland

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