WATCH: Democrats go on a scavenger hunt to find the GOP's "secret health care bill"

Let's watch Steny Hoyer go searching for this mysterious bill

Jeremy Binckes
March 3, 2017 12:31AM (UTC)

After rumors that Republicans have been hiding their Affordable Care Act repeal and replacement bill somewhere in Congress in order to keep it out of prying Democratic eyes, a Democratic senator is engaging in some good old fashioned showmanship.

Maryland Sen. Steny Hoyer led Facebook viewers on a seven and a half-minute long video his office released Thursday.


"I'm told that the Republicans have their ACA — Affordable Care Act — repeal somewhere in the Capitol, but they won't show it to us," a grave Hoyer starts out, looking directly into the camera. "We're going to look for it."

And with that, Hoyer leads the viewers through doors and down corridors, descending steps of Congress in search of this bill. "We're looking for the [unintelligible] of the bill," he tells some people congregating in hallways, repeating to others that he was "looking in Ways and Means" before that.

Everywhere Hoyer goes, he finds staffers and aides who say that they haven't seen the bill and don't know where to find it. He even stopped mid-search to talk to reporters, some of who asked, "Are we sure the bill even exists?"


About halfway through, the video Hoyer stops and talks to a bust of Abraham Lincoln. "Mr. Lincoln, I can't find the bill . . . I know you are as upset with your party as I am," he said.

Paul Ryan's chief adviser, Brendan Buck, chimed in on Twitter, poking a bit of fun at Democrats' search.


Just to recap, here's what happened Thursday. It started out with a report that Jeff Sessions had contact with Russians (though he said he didn't) and requests for him to resign — or at the very least recuse himself. Separately, there's a Democratic stunt to go searching for a mysterious health care bill like we're in another "National Treasure" sequel.

2017, y'all.


Jeremy Binckes

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