Bill Maher talks Russian influence with Jeffrey Lord on Real Time 3.4.17

WATCH: Bill Maher tells Jeffrey Lord, "Don't bullsh*t me!" over Russia's U.S. election influence

“Let’s not play games here, Mr. Lord,” Maher tells Lord, who claimed that Russia did not influence U.S. election

Alli Joseph
March 4, 2017 6:32PM (UTC)

Bill Maher's Friday interview with CNN contributor and former Reagan White House director Jeffrey Lord began well enough, with a cordial exchange where Maher asked Lord why he likes "the most vulgar politician" who has ever lived, referring to President Donald Trump.  Lord took the position that the rust-belters and others who voted for change genuinely like Mr. Trump, as does he. "In my presence he has always been sensitive and sincere," Lord said. 

Soon, the conversation turned sour, however, when Lord asserted that Russia didn't have any influence on the 2016 Presidential election, because no voting machines were tampered with.

“Let’s not play games here, Mr. Lord, I like you, and I heard you're a very nice guy,” Maher told Lord, “but don’t bullshit me!” he added, in his signature last-word style.   Maher also took Lord to task for the discrepancy between Vice President Mike Pence using a private server to discuss sensitive matters and election criticism of Hillary Clinton over her use of same. Pence's internet use is the subject of many news stories this morning, given what seems like his preferential treatment in a similar situation.

"The Russians hacked our election, all of our intelligence agencies said, for one side to win, your side. Are you telling me if it had worked out the other way and they they had hacked Republicans to let Hillary win, you would let it slide?" Maher asked incredulously.

Maher also wondered about President Trump's tax returns. "Why can't he release them? It seems like a slap in the face to the American people," wondered Maher. Lord said he felt it was "irrelevant",  to which Maher said "Please just tell the truth, Mr. Lord. I'll be your best friend!" Lord said he could use "all the best friends I can get," but felt that the tax return issue wasn't important, and became a "gotcha" game.


Alli Joseph

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