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Trevor Noah slams Paul Ryan's new health care bill: "This is the crap you've been hyping for 7 years?"

For seven years, Paul Ryan said he would fix health care, and now Noah can't believe how bad he has failed at that

Taylor Link
March 16, 2017 3:55PM (UTC)

Trevor Noah took a trip down memory lane with his audience last week, rehashing old clips of a young Rep. Paul Ryan promising the country that he and the Republican Party had a better plan than Obamacare.

"The Daily Show" played a clip from back in 2009, when the Wisconsin Republican said, "We really have a problem with the direction of these bills and we have offered principled alternative bills."


Then in 2010, when Ryan said, "We are going to do everything we can to repeal and replace this thing."

And in 2011, when he said, "The case for repeal must be matched with even a greater intensity by a case for replace."

And on and on and on.

The fact that Paul Ryan's sole mission as a congressman has been to destroy Obamacare became crystal clear.


"He was probably having nightmares about it," Noah joked. "Waking up like: 'Ah! Repeal and replace! Repeal and replace Obamacare!' And then he turned to his wife and said, 'Oh, honey, I had the most horrible dream.' But then she turns and her head is also Obamacare!"

In 2017, Ryan's bill has been mocked and ridiculed by just about every member of Congress.

"Really, Paul Ryan? Millions of people losing health insurance? Premiums going up? This is the crap you've been hyping for seven years? Seven years, and this is what they bring," Noah said. "That's like waiting three hours for a pizza delivery and then when you open the box the delivery guy has got his penis it."


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