Tonka Trump: Twitter has fun with the president's meeting with American Trucking Association

Twitter just can't resist a good Trump-themed meme

By Katie Serena
Published March 24, 2017 8:00PM (EDT)
 (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)
(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

It's hard to control a kid when they see a toy they want to play with. Apparently, the same goes for the president.

On Thursday, President Donald Trump welcomed members of the American Trucking Association to the White House, and even wore an "I <3 Trucks" lapel pin to show his love. After the meeting, Trump had the chance to pose for a picture in a semi truck parked in front of the White House. And pose he did. The pictures show the president in the driver's seat of the truck, hamming it up for the cameras. It's clear from the photos that the president thoroughly enjoyed himself.

And, as usual, Twitter had almost as much fun as he did.

Most users noticed the child-like wonder the president experienced, and put him in a more appropriate setting.

Many tweeters immediately went for movie jokes, comparing Trump and his truck to Keanu Reeves in 'Speed,' the cast of "Fast and Furious," and the famous end scene in "Thelma and Louise."

Some users pointed out the irony of the photos given the current political climate (as Trump took this meeting amid the continued controversy surrounding his transition team, and as his proposed GOP healthcare bill vote was postponed) and wondered how long they could keep him in the truck.

Others users just wondered what was going through Trump's head.


After the meeting, Trump said it was an honor to welcome so many truckers and trucking industry leaders to the White House. But maybe he just didn't want to jeopardize his chances to play in the truck for five more minutes.

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