Bill Maher on Real Time 3.24 celebrates GOP repeal/replace failure

WATCH: "If you like your doctor, you can go f**k yourself!" says Maher, describing failed Obamacare repeal

"Crafting legislation is not their thing,” said Maher of the GOP. The party should stick to what it's good at

Alli Joseph
March 25, 2017 4:40PM (UTC)

Maher warned in his Real Time opener last night that we have officially begun the dangerous slide "into a banana republic," because Ivanka Trump as found a way to have a west wing office in the White House, have access to classified information, and not be paid a salary "because she's a woman", Maher quipped. Then he finished with a joke, stating that at least the nuclear codes would be carried in an Ivanka Trump handbag.

Maher noted this week's GOP failure to repeal and replace Obamacare was a big loss for President Donald Trump, who tried to put every resource he had behind making the replacement plan pass, and failed. Maher also joked that Russian President Vladimir Putin would be unhappy with Trump. “You know how Putin feels about failure,” said Maher.


Describing what some have labeled "TrumpCare", Maher deadpanned, “Their version of health care was ‘if you like your doctor you can go f*ck yourself!" He noted that The Freedom Caucus, a tea party group, still refused support the GOP’s bill.

This is the president's first major loss, and Maher suggested that the GOP should consider finding something that's more their strength than writing new laws.  "Crafting legislation is not their thing,” said Maher.  Perhaps, he said, they should stick to other things they're good at, like “screaming into the phone at talk radio, naming buildings after Reagan, [and] secret gay sex at highway rest stops. . ."

Maher said it's still hard to keep up with the news cycle. "There was so much news this week - this health care thing was the end of the week. There were the Supreme Court hearings, the Keystone Pipeline got OK'd today, the Russia news. I've got the president on Twitter, I've got Kellyanne on the microwave!" he joked.



Alli Joseph

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