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WATCH: Samantha Bee begs someone to run against disgraced former judge Johnnie Caldwell

After charges of sexual harassment, Caldwell said he wouldn't run for judge again. So he ran for a higher office.

Rachel Leah
March 30, 2017 7:59PM (UTC)

When a politician says, "I want to spend more time with my grandchildren," in the words of Samantha Bee: "it means I'm guilty as shit, no grown ass man is trying to quit his job to play Lego." That's what former Georgia Judge Johnnie Caldwell said after he came under fire for sexual misconduct and quickly resigned.

On "Full Frontal" Wednesday, Bee tore into the former judge and current legislator, divulging the graphic and grotesque allegations against him from a female attorney, and noted that once the Judicial Qualifications Commission published the accusations against Caldwell, he promptly stepped down. In his resignation letter to the governor, he stated his intentions to spend more time with his grandchildren, but in another letter to the JQC, he claimed that "he would never run for judge again."


"Johnnie was publicly disgraced and had to hide away in shame," Bee said. Except, then, he ran for an even higher office in the state house.

"I can see rewarding a gropey perv with higher office once, I mean that's just normal," Bee said, as a picture of President Donald Trump appeared. "But how the hell did the labia-whisperer win three consecutive elections? Was he running against Charles Mansen and Jerry Sandusky?"

When Caldwell was up for re-election in 2016, he ran unopposed.


"In Georgia's last election over 80 percent of candidates ran unopposed," Bee noted. "Out of the 165 incumbents running for re-election, know how many lost?" Bee asked. "Three, and none of them was the guy who asked to see a pussy in court."

Even though Caldwell is not the first elected official who's been able to maintain public office despite repeated allegations of sexual harassment, Bee couldn't believe there isn't anyone in Georgie willing to challenge his re-election come 2018.

"I think Georgians would agree with me that Johnnie Caldwell is a total creep who shouldn't be making laws, and perhaps one of them would like to challenge him in a primary," Bee said. "Because I refuse to believe Georgia's 131st contains more people who've been sexually harassed by Caldwell than people willing to run against him."




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