WATCH: These men aren't pinball wizards, but they've mastered the arcade

These two arcade masters have perfected their craft

Published March 30, 2017 2:00AM (EDT)

Ever since they were young boys they played the arcade games. These two arcade wizards have mastered their craft of prize-winning.

Chen Zhitong is the master of the crane, a game in which the player tries to grab up stuffed animals using a mechanical claw. People have even begged him — even offering to buy him meals — to win stuffed animals for them. Zhitong has it down to a science. He knows how tight the claw has to grab and where the toys have to be positioned in the bin in order to win. He's won more than 15,000 stuffed animals, however, and became overburdened with them, so he's started donating them to charity.

Robert Jones (presumably a pseudonym) is an arcade ticket virtuoso. He goes to the popular arcade chain Dave & Busters to win their showcase of prizes, but he only goes for big ticket items. He recently won a Nintendo Switch, a video game console that retails for $299, and spent only $50 on play. But his biggest commitment was a Harley Davidson Motorcycle parked outside a Dave & Busters. The ticket price? One million tickets. Jones game of choice? The Drill-O-Matic. It happens to be the game that Jones had been perfecting since he was a boy growing up in Georgia. When his parents passed away, he focused fully on perfecting his skill at the game. Jones was successful in raising the exorbitant number of tickets, but when he showed up to claim his prize, he was ejected from the location. Now Jones has learned to not attract too much attention when he plays to win.

Both of these men have claimed top spots in the theoretical high score leaderboard for arcade gaming.

By Matthew Smith

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