WATCH: Even outside Fox News, "No one wants to f**k Bill O’Reilly,” says Bill Maher

From a "right wing a**hole on the Supreme Court" to "Trump finally blowing some sh**t up,” a banner week for GOPers

By Alli Joseph
April 8, 2017 4:00PM (UTC)
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Bill Maher on Real Time has a laugh about Bill O'Reilly.

From the American airstrikes against Syria to the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Bill Maher had a glint in his eye as he gleefully ranted about the week in politics and culture on Real Time with Bill Maher.  His favorite subject seemed to be Fox News host Bill O'Reilly's sexual harassment scandal.  O’Reilly "had a rough week," said Maher, giggling as he determined that in spite of multiple accusations by different women, “the one constant is that no one wants to f**k Bill O’Reilly.”

O’Reilly was recently hammered by a sexual harassment mess, spurred by the discovery that Fox News had paid $13 million in sexual harassment claim settlements on his behalf. Maher joked that O'Reilly "groped himself" in excitement over the Syrian air strike.


It was a banner week overall for the GOP, Maher decided. Why so? “Republicans got their favorite thing… a right wing a**hole on the Supreme Court and Trump finally blowing some sh**t up,” said Maher at the top of his show.

As for the Syrian military action, Maher noted that Russia, as both Syrian ally and Trump supporter, may have some ambivalence about the U.S. dropping bombs there.  “This is tricky for Trump,” Maher said. "Russia does not want us bombing there. If Trump does the wrong thing, Putin might not reelect him.”

Maher paused, then said that the reason Obama did not bomb Syria similarly in 2013 after a chemical attack was less because he was denied congressional approval, and more because it would have meant the former president was "bombing while black," an allusion to violence directed at people of color without any cause, e.g. "walking while black".





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