You can now take a class on weed: University of Denver offers America's first marijuana course

As marijuana becomes legal in more and more places, it’s becoming bigger and bigger business

Published April 8, 2017 7:29PM (EDT)

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As marijuana becomes legal in more and more places, it’s becoming bigger and bigger business. As something that generates tens of millions in tax revenue, it makes sense that a university would eventually offer a course on the weed business. That’s just what Professor Paul Seaborn at the University of Denver has done. Last week, he launched what KGUN is reporting is the first-ever college course on the economics of marijuana.

Appropriately called “The Business of Marijuana,” the class makes the University of Denver the first AACB-accredited business school in the country to offer a marijuana course. Seaborn first pitched the idea to the university last year.

“There were some doubts,” he told KDUN. “I think you know there are some skeptics within the school, skeptics in the community, people wondering what’s going on why are we having a course on marijuana.”

Students feel like it’s an important addition, especially in a state like Colorado where recreational marijuana is legal. “For me taking this class, it’s kind of like finally,” Matthew Comfort said. “I want to be the CEO of the Marlboro of marijuana, and so that’s my goal. I want equity.”

Seaborn believes more and more courses about marijuana will soon be offered at the school. “I’m sure at some point there will be a Biology course, and there will be a Public Policy course over at Korbel, our Public Policy School, and perhaps our school of Education and other places too,” he said.

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