McMaster: It's time for tough discussions with Russia, relations have "nowhere to go but up"

H.R. McMaster discusses relations with Russia and strategy in Syria

By Charlie May
April 16, 2017 8:41PM (UTC)
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White House national security adviser H.R. McMaster said on Sunday that it was time for the U.S. to have the tough discussions with Russia over its support for the Syrian government, as well as its "subversive actions" in Europe.

Featured on ABC News' "This Week," McMaster stated that since the current relations with Russia are at an all time low, "there's nowhere to go but up."


He also added that there is no one who is better fit for the job than Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, despite Tillerson having no prior experience, and even saying at one point himself that he never wanted the job.

McMaster explained that Russia's support of the Syrian regime has prolonged the war and"has to be drawn into question."

"Russia has given support to a murderous regime in Syria that has perpetuated a civil war and a cycle of violence," McMaster said.


"Along with obviously the brutal — the brutal efforts of and actions of ISIS, have brought suffering to so many people, have created a crisis within Syria that has bled over into Iraq, and of course has bled over into neighboring countries and into Europe and so forth."

McMaster noted that this will require the U.S. "to have those tough discussions with Russia."

When asked about adding more troops to Syria, McMaster said he "doesn't think so," but that it "remains to be seen."



"I think what we’re doing now is supporting partner forces in Syria, in certain portions of the country, including the northeastern part of the country along the Euphrates River valley. It is a matter of time only until ISIS is defeated there," McMaster explained.

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