Oh, honey! There’s a fetish where people want to have bee sex

We can't make this stuff up, even though you probably wish we did.

Published April 24, 2017 3:26AM (EDT)

Melissophilia is the hot new thing.  (to by James Pritchett via Unsplash)
Melissophilia is the hot new thing. (to by James Pritchett via Unsplash)

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While there are a lot of strange people in this world with freaky sexual preferences, we believe that Melissophilia is the one fetish that’ll shake you to your core. Melissophilia might just be the weirdest, most awkward and most cringeworthy sexual fetish ever, especially for bees. We’re talking about grown humans who want to have sex with bees. Bee sex, if you like.

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This sexual deviation is rooted in the attraction to bees and in the arousal their involvement in sex produces. It’s an uncommon fetish because it’s not focused on the pain the bees cause, instead it’s focused on the bees themselves. These people literally want to sleep with bees.

Let’s dive into Melissophilia a little further. The origin of the word is Greek, and it’s a combination of the words “honey bee” and “love”. Don’t worry, it’s not as romantic as it sounds. The bee groupies have different methods of catching their preys and of getting their freak on, but the book “Everything You Know About Sex Is Wrong” explains one process in detail. These people catch the bees in jars, shake them up so they’re drowsy and unable to fly away, and then place them on their genitals, prompting the bees to sting them. Cruelness of method aside, this painful process gets the job done because the bee sting makes the genitals swell and become hypersensitive, which will in turn lead to a stronger and much more intense orgasm. After the penis is stung, the circumference of it grows, leaving people with their senses heightened. Not to mention in a lot of pain, but whatever, we’re not here to judge.

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A lot of people enjoy pain during sex and there are known fetishes where they add insects to their sex life so that they can get bitten or stung. The difference between these two groups is that while one focuses on the pain and the emotional rush that it causes, Melissophiliacs are in it for the bees. The pain they cause is just an accompanying factor.

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