Alex Jones loses custody dispute with his ex-wife, but gets to keep his "art performance"

The case attracted national attention when Jones' attorney argued that the Infowars show was performance art

By Taylor Link
Published April 28, 2017 3:33PM (EDT)
Alex Jones   (AP/Tony Gutierrez)
Alex Jones (AP/Tony Gutierrez)

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones lost his custody battle with his ex-wife on Thursday, after a 10-day trial that drew national intrigue.

Throughout the proceedings, Jones visibly struggled with the tension — both inside and outside the courtroom. He live streamed rants related to legal arguments about the case, which earned him a rebuke or two from the judge.

BuzzFeed News reported that the jury deliberated for nine and a half hours before finding that Kelly Jones will have joint custody of the children and the sole authority to decide where they live. Prior to the trial, the children had been living with their father.

After the jury reached a verdict, the Infowars host left the courthouse without offering any statements to the press. A grateful Kelly Jones thanked her family and attorney for their support.

"I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful support system, such a wonderful family and friends who stood beside me through all this, and I just pray that from what's happened to my family that people can really understand what parental alienation syndrome is and get an awareness about it because we could stop this from happening in future," she said.

Jones' performance on the stand may not have helped his cause when it came to proving his competency as a parent. The conspiracy theorist admitted that he has smoked marijuana in the past, but only to test its strength, which he claimed to have been compounded in recent years by billionaire George Soros. He also said that his kids were proud that he was so popular with internet memes.

His ex-wife's attorney argued that he was a "cult leader," BuzzFeed reported.

"Mr. Jones is like a cult leader," the attorney said at one point. "And we've seen the horrific damage cult leaders do to their followers."

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