WATCH: Here are Gilbert Gottfried's top 5 rappers

Today on the Salon 5, D. Watkins and Gilbert Gottfried — yes, really! — compare their all-time favorite MCs

By D. Watkins

Editor at Large

Published May 2, 2017 2:00AM (EDT)

This Salon video was produced by Kevin Carlin

There are a few things that can get you automatically cursed out­ or seriously hurt in the black community: changing the radio station without asking, disrespecting somebody's mama and your Top 5.

For those who don’t know, the Top 5 is your personal list of who you consider to be the greatest rappers of all time. The idea of ranking rap artist bothers many — the argument boils down to "we never rank country singers or cheesy pop bands" — but even those people who claim to be against ranking will still scream out their picks in the middle of a heated argument.

“You can’t leave out Rakim!” or “What about Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh?!”

Because I was born in the '80s, my Top 5 doesn't include those dudes, who all peaked before I came of age, nor does it include any of the new singing, dyed dreadlocked, Auto-Tuned guys. The newest rapper — and only millennial — in my Top 5 is Kendrick Lamar, who recently bumped Lauren Hill, only because I feel like he has a more complete body of work at this stage in his career­­. My list also includes 2Pac, Jay Z, Biggie and Nas, who I consider to be the best rapper of all time.

Creating my list was easy because I’m from the culture. Hip hop has been a part of my life since my first memory. But what if you didn’t grow up with hip hop, but still have an opinion on who the best rappers are­? Today, I’m doing a special edition of the Salon 5 with world-famous comedian Gilbert Gottfried. Sit back and watch him compare his Top 5 to mine.

By D. Watkins

D. Watkins is an Editor at Large for Salon. He is also a writer on the HBO limited series "We Own This City" and a professor at the University of Baltimore. Watkins is the author of the award-winning, New York Times best-selling memoirs “The Beast Side: Living  (and Dying) While Black in America”, "The Cook Up: A Crack Rock Memoir," "Where Tomorrows Aren't Promised: A Memoir of Survival and Hope" as well as "We Speak For Ourselves: How Woke Culture Prohibits Progress." His new books, "Black Boy Smile: A Memoir in Moments," and "The Wire: A Complete Visual History" are out now.

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