WATCH: Democratic candidate wastes no time to slam GOP's vote for Trumpcare in a new ad

Former Virgina congressman Tom Perriello was ousted in 2010 after his vote for Obamacare

By Rachel Leah

Published May 4, 2017 11:18PM (EDT)


The American Health Care Act passed by a one-vote in the Republican margin Thursday and one politician wasted no time in using the bill as a catalyst for his campaign.

"Republican leaders are trying to do this to affordable health care," former Congressman Tom Perriello says, as he points to an ambulance being crushed behind him in a video aptly titled "Ambulance."

"In Congress, I voted for Obamacare, because it was wrong that a million Virginians weren't covered, while insurance companies held all the power," Perriello. The Democrat served one term in Congress representing Virginia's 5th district. Perriello lost his bid for reelection in 2010 following his Obamacare vote. Always an avid advocate for the Affordable Care Act, Perriello went on serve in the Obama administration as a diplomat.

"Now I'm running for Governor," he explained in the newly released ad.

As the ad goes on, the ambulance continues to be flattened by a large crusher. The windows burst and a side mirror flings off. The sounds of the deterioration of the ambulance nearly overpower Perriello's voice as he shouts: "Together, we can stop Donald Trump."

"We'll make sure this," he points back to the obliterated ambulance, "never happens in Virginia."

The ad was filmed in one live take and will begin running next week, according to Perriello's campaign.

Perriello just launched his first campaign commercial, part of what the Washington Post reported was a “six-figure” buy, touting his closeness to Obama.

“Tom went to Washington to take on the insurance companies, and the credit card companies, and the Wall Street banks, and that’s what Tom Perriello is about,” Obama says in the ad, before a shot shows the two men on a stage embracing each other before an enthusiastic crowd.

Perriello, who has been endorsed by Bernie Sanders, will face off against Virginia's lieutenant governor, Ralph Northam, in the Democratic primary in June.

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