Michael Cha winces at new GOP healthcare bill celebration

WATCH: SNL's Weekend Update says AHCA received a "thumbs up from the Grim Reaper"

"No minority can see all of these old white dudes smiling and think, "I think this is gonna be great news for us!"

Alli Joseph
May 7, 2017 5:00PM (UTC)

Saying the entirely white crowd of Republicans celebrating their new "American Health Care Act" bill passage in Congress looked like "they just invented Sickle Cell," SNL Weekend Update co-anchor Michael Che looked dubious. "The new Republican health bill would allow insurance companies to charge people higher premiums for 243 pre-existing conditions," he added, showing a photo of Steve Bannon as an example of what all of those conditions in one person might look like.

Scoffing at the new rule that pregnancy would be considered a pre-existing condition, Che joked, "[this] baffles me, because I have tried to convince a woman that her pregnancy was a pre-existing condition, and it does not hold up."


Later in the segment, Colin Jost spoke about the president's new ad launched by his re-election campaign, which brags about his first 100 days in office and tries to demonstrate what he's already accomplished. Jost tossed to a graphics roll that only included four things: Gorsuch, golf, cake, and "health care???". To much audience laughter, Jost said, "I thought I had more time!"

Jost also had frequent Weekend Update guest and co-cast member Leslie Jones on set. She talked at length about finally finding love in Jamaica, but bristled when Jost asked her if she "got her groove back". Jones could barely get through the skit without laughing, and Jost found it hard to keep a straight face as well. "We did the do-not everywhere!" she exclaimed. "In the shower...on the cliffs with a bunch of sea creatures watching us!" She paused, trying to keep a straight face. "Colin, have you ever had sex with a bunch of crabs watching you?" Jost said he had not, and Jones went on to exclaim that she was thrilled to have finally found love without even trying. But, she assured him, "You'll always be my vanilla back-up."

Alli Joseph

Alli Joseph is a writer/producer and family historian; a Native New Yorker, she is a member of the Shinnecock Indian Nation.

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