Sean Hannity's ode to Roger Ailes falls flat

The right-wing news host drew a lot of WTFs when he said Ailes is preparing to "kick your ass in the next life"

By Taylor Link

Published May 18, 2017 10:56AM (EDT)

Roger Ailes; Sean Hannity   (AP/Charles Sykes/Andy Kropa)
Roger Ailes; Sean Hannity (AP/Charles Sykes/Andy Kropa)

Sean Hannity, one of the longest-tenured personalities at Fox News, took to Twitter Thursday morning to remember and give thanks to his former boss, Roger Ailes, who died in the early morning hours after suffering complications from a blood clot.

Ailes, the former chief executive of Fox News, was a controversial figure in American media and culture. He became a villain, of sorts, this past year when news broke that he had a reputation for being a serial sexual harasser.

Yet Hannity, one of the most loyal conservatives on TV, remained forever faithful to the man who helped procure him one of the most lucrative jobs in news and entertainment.

Hannity sent out a series of tweets Thursday lionizing the life of his old friend.

Hannity singled out the "impact" Ailes had on American politics and media. He called him a "strategist" who was always playing chess 5 moves ahead of his opponent.

The right-wing pundit also thanked Ailes for taking a "huge risk" in hiring him in 1996, when he was just a young, local radio talk show host.

Hannity, who recently suffered the loss of his former Fox News co-host Alan Colmes, was clearly sensitive Thursday to all the reactions from political writers to Ailes death.

But it was Hannity's tweet about Ailes and the afterlife that drew the largest reaction on social media.

Political writers, of whom Hannity was subtweeting, were quick to point out how deranged the tweet sounded.

The Washington Post's Dave Weigel noticed that Hannity was very concerned and protective of Ailes' reputation. The Fox News host has not given the same considerations to Seth Rich, however, as Hannity has promoted a conspiracy theory involving Rich on his show.

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