In honor of Mr. Met, here's a video history of mascots behaving badly

Mr. Met isn't the only mascot who's gone rogue

Katie Serena
June 1, 2017 6:01PM (UTC)

In case you missed it, Mr. Met is in some very hot water.

After the Mets lost Wednesday game at CitiField to the Milwaukee Brewers 7-1, the team's beloved, oversized baseball-headed mascot was filmed making his way back to the locker rooms. When a fan called out to him, disgruntled Mr. Met flipped him the bird (tough with that frozen smile, it's hard to tell how angry he really was.)


The video surfaced on twitter Wednesday night, causing the team to issue a response apologizing for Mr. Met's unbecoming behavior.

More than one person wears the Mr. Met costume during the season. A Mets official assured the AP that the one who donned  Wednesday would not be doing so again and has been let go.

Since joining the team in 1964, Mr. Met has become one of baseball's most recognized and, you could say, respected mascots.

Mr. Met is not the only mascot caught on camera being less than friendly to a fan. Over the years over 100 videos have popped up of costumed figureheads going rogue.

In 2013, Jazz Bear, the mascot for the Utah Jazz, had not one, but two alterations with the same fan. Angry that Jazz had sprayed him with silly string, the audience member dumped a beer on the mascot. A few games later, Jazz got his revenge by throwing a bucket of water at the same fan in what appeared to be a more friendly joke.

In 2011, the Vanderbilt University Commodores mascot, Mr. C, gave a student a bloody nose after a crowdsurfing incident.


In 1991, a Chicago Bulls cheerleader was awarded $300,000 in damages after the legendary San Diego Chicken grabbed her during a stunt and threw her to the ground.

When they're not going after fans, mascots often go after each other. What starts out all in good fun, sometimes goes too far. In 1994, the University of Arizona's mascot, Wilbur Wildcat got into a tussle with University of Arkansas's mascot Big Red, and ended up blowing out his knee. In 2010, the Cincinnati Bearcats mascot was arrested for throwing snowballs at fans.


Dive into the wonderful, terrible history of mascots indulging their darker impulses below.

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