Infowars launches $200,000 contest to pay fans wearing "CNN is ISIS" t-shirts on TV

Infowars has resorted to paying protestors in order to spread its message that "CNN is ISIS"

Published June 3, 2017 12:40PM (EDT)

 (Reuters/Lucas Jackson)
(Reuters/Lucas Jackson)

Infowars, the alt-right media outlet that claims the anti-Trump protest movement is funded by George Soros and other sinister globalists, launched a contest this week that rewards Alex Jones fans $1,000 for donning a t-shirt or sign that says "CNN is ISIS" on TV.

"We are launching a new contest to stand up to the Left’s calls for violence against the president and against other Americans for simply exercising their right to promote Americana," a blog post announcing the contest said. "Infowars is launching a new $200,000 contest to expose CNN’s Kathy Griffin and mainstream media’s call for violence. We will expose the media’s terrorist campaign."

Taking a page out of the Westboro Baptist Church playbook, Jones, the founder of Infowars, has gone through great lengths to promote his ongoing battle with the establishment media.

"We encourage everyone to not just hold up signs to point out that CNN is ISIS and that MSM are terrorists, but to also use this campaign as an example to point out when mainstream media and entertainment writers, editors and hosts are calling for violence against Trump and against his supporters for simply only trying to make America great again," the Infowars website said.

The rules of the contest are fairly simple: $1,000 prize for anyone who is seen on TV with a “œCNN is ISIS” t-shirt or sign; $2,500 prize for anyone who is seen on TV with a “CNN is ISIS sign” and who also is heard saying,

A disclaimer at the bottom of the blog post reminds contestants to "follow the law."

The contest is open until the end of the month, or until $200,000 in prizes have been given out, the website said.

Jones has decried in the past the alleged payment of activists who attend political events. Infowars continuously reports on rumored payments of protestors at anti-Trump rallies. In order to keep pace with the left in this fantasy culture war, Jones apparently thinks he must fight fire with fire.

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