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Brad Pitt plays weatherman to poke fun at Trump: "There is no future"

The actor stopped by the Jim Jeffries Show to talk Trump withdrawing from the Paris Agreement

Katie Serena
June 9, 2017 2:53PM (UTC)

Many people knew the future was going to be bleak after Trump pulled out of the Paris Agreement, but now, thanks to Brad Pitt, we have a picture of just how hot things are going to get.

The actor stopped by the Jim Jeffries Show to give an update on the global forecast.


“To help us understand climate change and what it means for the world, here’s our own ‘Jim Jeffries Show’ weather man,” Jeffries announced at the end of his show. "How’s it looking out there, weatherman?"

The camera panned to Pitt, wearing various shades of brown and smiling big.

“So things are going to be getting warmer in this area here,” he said, gesturing to the left portion of the world map behind him, every country bright red and covered in sun cartoons. "And this area here,” he continued, pointing to the right side.


“Do you have any future forecasts for us?” Jeffries asked, his expression dour.

"There is no future," Pitt answered with a smile.

The crowd laughed as Jeffries paused, looking grim.

"Wonderful," he finally answered, before wrapping up his show.

Besides spreading the word about climate change through surprise appearances on late night comedy, and the occasional National Park photoshoot, Pitt is been heavily involved in environmental activism outside of acting. In 2007, Pitt founded Make It Right, which builds affordable, eco-friendly homes worldwide, and has created three organizations devoted to conservation in Africa. Pitt also lended his voice to two PBS television specials about climate change and conservation.

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