Inside the stupendous cannabis beauty product boom

It's all part of marijuana's trend to luxury lifestyles

Published June 15, 2017 8:48PM (EDT)

  (Reuters/Cliff Despeaux)
(Reuters/Cliff Despeaux)

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Luxury and cannabis weren’t necessarily two words synonymous with one another even just a decade ago. Marijuana, thanks to the enduring dorm room stereotype, persisted within low popular culture—weed wasn’t prestige. But that is rapidly changing. The fashion industry is embracing cannabis wholeheartedly, as companies like ASCHE Industries designs scent-free accessories like handbags and keychains that are as practical as they are stylish. And as celebrities continue to enter the cannabis space, so to comes a desire for a slew of other luxury style products like Beboe vaporizers and more. Now we are seeing a cannabis beauty product boom.

A new trend that fits right within that luxury marijuana space is cannabis beauty products. Through limited testing and anecdotal evidence, people are learning that cannabis can provide healing and moisturizing capabilities. It can also help battle aging skin and tightened, inflamed muscles.

“We’ve been seeing this step away from the stigma of cannabis and [people] really understanding the benefits and healing properties,” Spa De Soleil Andrea Revivo told the Los Angeles Times. “We’re seeing people wanting it in their skin care and anti-aging creams . . . face mists . . . face masks and lip balms. And now I’m seeing the rise of luxury skin care with CBD.”

Infused products like creams, body washes, shampoos, and more have been hitting the market. Coachella attendees this year had the opportunity to also check out the inagurual CannaSpa, which featured various such products as health and wellness continue to drive the industry forward.

“It’s a natural rejuvenator for skin,” registered nurse Tamara Anderson said of cannabis to the Hollywood Reporter. Anderson founded Culinary and Cannabis, which hosted the aforementioned Cannaspa during Coachella. Those who attended witnessed firsthand cannabis’ rejuvenating properties, getting massages with cannabis products containing extracts of THC, CBD, and turpines. The cannabis oils can pervade muscles more adequately, Anderson says, “so massages are deeper and the effects last longer. Your muscles already have cannbanoid receptors, so when you give it to your body, your body is like, ‘Thank you!'”

Celebrities like Jessica Seinfeld has come out in support of these product’s healing properties. She uses the popular High CBD Pain and Wellness Body Lotion from Lord Jones. The brand told the Hollywood Reporter that Sarah Paulson and Busy Phillips, through their stylist Karla Welch, will apply the lotion in preparation of long nights in heels.

“We have patients who have reported that our topical stimulates nail growth and hardens nails,” Cindy Capobianco, co-founder of Lord Jones, said to the Hollywood Reporter. “One patient in particular was using our lotion each night before bed as hand cream— not thinking anything of it — and suddenly, her paper thin, peeling nails changed into strong and healthy nails.”

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