Trevor Noah tells Stephen Colbert why living in New York is like being "a citizen of the world"

"The Daily Show" host said he would consider becoming a U.S. citizen if the country is still around after Trump

Taylor Link
June 15, 2017 12:15PM (UTC)

Two late-night juggernauts had a meeting of the minds Wednesday night, discussing everything from President Donald Trump to the process of becoming a U.S. citizen.

Trevor Noah joined "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" in part to promote his new book, "Born a Crime," but also to catch up with a former mentor.


To start the interview, Stephen Colbert asked Noah about the shooting at a congressional GOP shooting practice. Noah said he was impressed with the responses from both party leaders and he encouraged politicians to demonstrate more often that they have friends across the aisle.

Colbert then brought up what's usually discussed in a Noah interview: his citizen status. After Noah confirmed that he was not a U.S. citizen, Colbert asked, "Are we playing hard to get or are you playing hard to get?"

"It's just time. I get it," Noah said. "Like America, with an immigrant, they are like: 'We just want to see where this is going. We want to figure out if you are really into us or not. Let's take it slow.'"


"Well, that's the question, Trevor Noah. Are you really into us?" Colbert responded. "After three years here and every night talking about what's going on in America and America's relationship with the world, do you still find us attractive?"

Noah issued a non-denial denial, "I'm here and I am loving it. I'm a citizen of the world."

After Colbert explained that nobody could be a citizen of the world, Noah said that living in New York was a privilege he does not take lightly.


"My dream was to live in the U.S. Mostly because this is the home of stand-up. And I live that dream every single day. I am blessed. I get to live in New York City. Like when people go, 'Which country do you live in?' I go: 'I live in New York. It's not a country. It is a place,'" Noah said.

"If America is still around when I can become a U.S. citizen, then we'll see if I join in," the South African comedian added.


"God. I hope so," Colbert grimly said.

"We don't know," Noah sort of joked.

At the end of the interview, "The Daily Show" host promoted a pop-up presidential library they are installing this weekend outside of Trump Tower. The library will display all of Trump's best tweets.

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