London protests Theresa May over Grenfell Tower fire

Many in the U.K. are mad at May's response to the fire, with one newspaper calling it "May's Hurricane Katrina"

Published June 16, 2017 5:51PM (EDT)

 (AP Photo/Tim Ireland)
(AP Photo/Tim Ireland)

Londoners were still gripping from the fire that consumed Grenfell Tower early Wednesday, as many took to the streets to demand answers and justice for the residents of the so-called "death trap."

Britain Prime Minister Theresa May, who was heavily criticized for not immediately visiting the families affected by the tragedy, tried to escape through a side door of a church Friday in order to avoid protestors. A number of people converged onto the street before May's bodyguards had to usher her away in a government vehicle, according to witness accounts.

The British government has promised a full public inquiry into the fire and announced a fund to help those affected.

Nevertheless, the Guardian's editorial board published a fiery op-ed about the government's poor response to the blaze, calling Grenfell Tower "May's Hurricane Katrina."

Conservative newspaper Daily Mail, on the other hand, wrote a whole story about an Ethiopian man whose unit was the alleged base of the fire.

Behailu Kebede, a cab driver who lived on the fourth floor of Grenfell Tower, is said to have alerted his neighbors shortly after midnight that there was a fire in his kitchen. No alarms initially went off in the building, but a friend of Kebede told the Daily Mail that the cab driver sounded the alarms right away.

The Daily Mail decided to publish photos of Kebede in a piece titled, "The man 'whose faulty fridge started tower inferno.'"

The story did recognize that Kebede saved lives by notifying his neighbors of the fire.

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