Kellyanne Conway says Congress is focusing too much on reelection

President Trump gears up for his 2020 bid, but Kellyanne Conway doesn't want Congress to care about midterms

By Charlie May
June 19, 2017 7:13PM (UTC)
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Members of Congress shouldn't be worried about seeking re-to election and should instead focus on passing legislation, according to White House counselor Kellyanne Conway. Meanwhile, her boss, President Donald Trump, has practically begun his 2020 campaign, and he's also awarding a prize dinner to those who donate.

"If you do your job well, you get reelected," Conway said on "Fox & Friends" Monday morning. "If people feel like you've had a positive impact on their lives and you've put together the solutions, you've put them forth and pass them the way the president is doing than you will get re-elected."


Trump's reelection campaign has already launched a new website and a television advertisement that celebrated accomplishments over his first 100 days. The site was originally launched with a typo, and the advertisement may have violated a Defense Department law.

The "dinner with the Donald" promotion is quite common amongst Washington's politicians, but may be a page too much for the so-called outsider candidate who ran vowing to "drain the swamp." When Trump was elected, companies and corporate lobbyists helped fund Trump's inauguration parties. At his inauguration Trump was surrounded by his loyalist donors, and the ones who sent him the most money received a better seat.

Trump has already held rallies in numerous states across the country. Conway seemed to think that Trump has rapidly racked up policy achievements in his brief six months since taking office. In reality the president has spent numerous weekends on his golf courses costing taxpayers millions of dollars.

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