Sean Hannity sounds the alarm, says there is a "soft coup" to "overturn November's election results"

According to the Fox News host, "sinister forces" have conspired to oust President Trump

Published June 21, 2017 5:48PM (EDT)

 Sean Hannity (Credit: Fox News)
Sean Hannity (Credit: Fox News)

According to Sean Hannity "sinister forces" are working to perform a "soft coup" in the United States to "overturn November's election results."

"Here in America, we're at a turning point tonight with forces now forming an alliance to try and remove President Trump from office. It's that serious," Hannity said in his Fox News broadcast Tuesday night.

Hannity brushed aside the mounting investigations into President Trump and his inner circle, convinced that the focus on any of Trump's misdeeds was merely a conspiracy. He gave five points that led him to his half-baked conclusion.

"One, you've got the 'destroy Trump media,'" Hannity said. "That has been lying to you now, provable lies for 11 months."

Secondly, Hannity stated his belief that the "deep state" is "selectively leaking information to damage the president and anyone associated with him."

"Three, special counsel [Robert] Mueller's investigation mission creep I've been telling you about. Well it's now turned into an out of control — what is a political witch hunt — it needs to be stopped," Hannity said. Hannity added that all of the "manufactured turmoil" is "putting Trump's agenda in jeopardy."

Hannity concluded that investigations into Trump's behavior constituted an "effort to override the will of the American people."

"America is now suffering from a massive informational crisis," Hannity explained. Hannity then said the allegations that Trump colluded with the Russians are "one of the biggest lies in American history," and that the people in the media are "nothing more than left-wing ideologues, pretending to be journalists."

"Perhaps the most dangerous" threat, Hannity believes, is that the deep state is filled with "Obama hold-overs" and "anti-Trump bureaucrats" that are breaking the law by leaking classified information.

Hannity's memory seems poor; he seems to have forgotten how Trump revealed highly classified information about the fight against ISIS in his meeting with Russian diplomats.

Hannity's conspiracy-mongering is particularly ironic in light of his continued promulgation of the debunked conspiracy theory about slain DNC staffer Seth Rich, despite Rich's family pleading to Hannity to stop and even after his own network retracted the story.

By Charlie May

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