"Terrifying brush with success": Bill Maher mocks Democrats for losing another close election

The left-wing comedian says Democrats have to start winning elections because "the wrong people are in power"

Taylor Link
June 24, 2017 1:34PM (UTC)

Moral victories are about the only thing Democrats can hang onto after suffering two more losses in the special elections earlier this week. Left-wing comedian Bill Maher could only laugh at the depressing election results on HBO's "Real Time" Friday.

"I think I know why you are all excited tonight," Maher said to start his monologue. "Because a Democrat almost won the election."


"The Democrats poured a lot of time and money in this election. And he came so close," he added. "Party leaders are calling it a 'terrifying brush with success.'"

All joking aside, Maher then told his audience that President Donald Trump is the "worst person ever." Despite this, and despite Trump being a Republican, Democrats have lost every special election since the new administration took over.

"Democrats are so lame the Russians are like, 'We were going to hack this election but why bother,'" Maher said.

The late-night host noted that Democrats do not generally compete in the Georgia Sixth, where "guys marry their sister just for the tax credit," according to Maher.

"The big excuse is, 'Well, we weren't supposed to win.' What election are you supposed to win?" Maher incredulously asked.

Much has been made about the future of the Democratic Party, and whether its current leaders are the right people to take down Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress. Maher indicated Friday the situation has become dire.


"Democrats have to stop losing some elections because, I am sorry Republican viewers, I love you, but the wrong people are in power," he said.

Taylor Link

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