Piers Morgan's "Good Morning Britain" co-hosts express the frustration of working with him

Piers Morgan rants about how his Facebook is clogged with political opinions. His co-hosts know exactly how he felt

Published June 28, 2017 2:58PM (EDT)

Piers Morgan        (Reuters/Andrew Burton)
Piers Morgan (Reuters/Andrew Burton)

Piers Morgan found himself literally in the middle of some serious shade thrown by his "Good Morning Britain" co-hosts on Wednesday.

The editor-at-large for the conservative Daily Mail was ranting about how he's sick and tired of scrolling through his Facebook news feed only to see that it is constantly clogged up with political opinions. "I've had to unfriend family members . . . please I need some rest by it, can't you just put a picture of your little kid having an ice cream or something?" Morgan asked.

His co-host Susanna Reid leaned forward and rested her head in her hand in displeasure. "I know exactly what you mean," she said. "When someone just keeps going on, and on, and on" at this point the other female co-host Kate Garraway chimed in as well. "And you just need rest ... and a break and you just wish you could de-friend them," Reid continued. Morgan suspiciously stared into the distance as he slowly realized they were sarcastically referring to him.

"But you're just forced every day to listen to their views, I know exactly how you feel," Reid said.

But this wasn't the first time someone got the best of Morgan on television. When he was featured on "Real Time" last February comedian Jim Jeffries told Morgan to "fuck off" when he tried to defend President Donald Trump's band on Muslims.

"There is no Muslim ban. This is the hysteria we are seeing," Morgan insisted. Jeffries was not having it, and along with cursing him out, he gave him the middle finger, only to be greeted with a loud applause from the audience.

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