"Jeopardy!" features a "stay woke" category, entire internet cringes

Apparently, "Jeopardy!" takes everything a little too literally

Published July 3, 2017 1:17PM (EDT)

Alex Trebek     (AP/Seth Wenig)
Alex Trebek (AP/Seth Wenig)

The classic game show "Jeopardy!" launched a new category on Friday night's show, and the internet could not handle it.

Alex Trebek — dressed in a bright red jersey in celebration of Canada's 150th birthday — announced the "stay woke" category, grabbing the internet's attention. After the term's recent entry into the Oxford English Dictionary, people were eager to see social injustices addressed in the category, taking to Twitter to show their surprise.

It quickly became apparent, however, that Trebek and the "Jeopardy!" team weren't going to address corruption or inequity any time soon. The show took the term literally, dedicating the entire category to sleep and staying awake (get it?). The painfully literal definition of the term "woke" and snooze-worthy answers like caffeine, melatonin, and the alertness aid capsule "No Doz," crushed any hopes of addressing social justice issues.

Twitter users expressed their disappointment in the show, some even calling it a "major miss."

However, this isn't the show's first failed attempt to relate to their audience. In 2014, the show was under fire for featuring a "What Women Want" category which prompted sexist answers like "What is a vacuum cleaner?" "What is Pilates?" and "What are Levi's?".   

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