Alex Jones is freaking out about "humanoids" who are "80 percent gorilla, 80 percent pig"

How does Alex Jones come up with these conspiracy theories?

Published July 7, 2017 4:03PM (EDT)

Alex Jones   (AP/Tony Gutierrez)
Alex Jones (AP/Tony Gutierrez)

On Thursday's edition of his radio show, Infowars host Alex Jones introduced his listeners to a new conspiracy theory. "Humanoids," the right-wing media giant explained," they are like 80 percent gorilla and 80 percent pig and they're talking."

Of course, such a bizarre description begs the question: How does Alex Jones come up with these conspiracy theories?

Some may think it's from the drugs he's on. That idea was entertained by Megyn Kelly — in reference to his lightning fast rants and instant anger — in a June 18 interview on NBC.

"People ask how I have this much energy," Jones acknowledged on Thursday. "Megyn Kelly asked me what drugs I was on. And I said I don’t use drugs. She was kind of like, 'Really, you don’t?' And I don’t know what that meant, but I thought she was trying to get me to say I was on drugs."

Okay, maybe Jones isn't on drugs after all. It's possible, instead, that Jones learns about these absurd ideas from guests on his absurdist show .Dr. Edward Group, the founder of Global Healing Center, who sells detox and cleansing supplements, added his professional opinion about genetically modified organisms: “Pace Law school in 2006 was hired to develop law for the future of transgenic organisms. Do you get rights as a human if you have 50 percent DNA, like what are the rights?” (Group might be referring to this law review which discusses the future environmental consequences of adding genetically modified organisms into the wild, possibly causing extinction for some species.)

Maybe Jones has recently been reading fan fiction? “We need to make this illegal. This needs to be illegal. They’re talking about making it illegal to make child pedophile robots. Ok. Ok, make that illegal. But what about the humans spliced with animals? I mean this is beyond pedophilia,” he insisted on Thursday.

Luckily for the Jones' listening audience, Group could translate what Jones meant to “address the root of the problem."

"Executive order," he suggested. "Ban glyphosate. Executive order, ban GMOs. Executive order, ban artificial sweeteners. Man-made chemicals in products, thylates. You know the root cause of why we are getting all this disease,” Group told Jones.

Watch below, via Media Matters:

While Group may not understand how the Toxic Substances Control Act works — he's fully aware of what products he is selling online.


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