LISTEN: 12 podcasts that explore the human side of tech

Technology is a ubiquitous part of human life now. How do we make sense of how that makes us feel?

Published July 8, 2017 9:30AM (EDT)


As technology pervades every part of our lives, someone talking us through what it means can be a comfort (or a terror, depending on how you’re feeling that day). These 12 shows explore how tech affects us.

1. "Exponent"

Ben Thompson and James Allworth explore the effect of technology on society as a whole.

2. "Grumpy Old Geeks"

Two guys, 40 years of online experience, and a no-holds-barred discussion of how the internet is affecting our lives for good or bad.

3. "The Upgrade" by Lifehacker

Practical advice and tips for being a happier and more productive human with help from technology from the team at Lifehacker.

4. "Decrypted"

Bloomberg Tech reporters uncover what’s happening behind the innovation that’s driving the economy.

5. "Technotopia"

A show for a better future: interviews with great minds in tech, philosophy and art.

6. "Radio Motherboard"

A show about the wonderfully terrifying future. Join Team Motherboard’s fast-paced look at new technology, culture and discoveries.

7. "Reply All"

Where the fleeting moments of how we interact with technology teach about the humanity we’re developing and living in today.

8. "Upgrade"

How Apple, Amazon and Google shape the technology in our lives and affect the creative work we do.

9. "Connected"

Examining the impact of technology on our lives, with an emphasis on Apple.

10. "Future Thinkers Podcast"

Conversations where futurology and philosophy collide and, ultimately, how we will be affected by the exponential curve of progress.

11. "Codebreaker"

Deciphering our complicated feelings about technology with a sense of humor, awe and dread.

12. "IRL"

Online Life is Real Life — reconnecting the stories from the wilds of the web with the ways we live our lives today.

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By Ma'ayan Plaut

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