Trevor Noah calls Ann Coulter "Airplane Rosa Parks" after Delta flap

"The Daily Show" host compared Coulter's seat mishap with the civil-rights struggle

Published July 18, 2017 11:38AM (EDT)

Trevor Noah on "The Daily Show" (Comedy Central)
Trevor Noah on "The Daily Show" (Comedy Central)

"The Daily Show" host Trevor Noah said conservative provocateur Ann Coulter was "basically airplane Rosa Parks" after she was moved from a seat she had previously booked to a different seat in the same row on a Delta Airlines flight over the weekend.

After Coulter was moved, she began what turned into a massive Twitter tirade that consisted of now well over 30 tweets attacking the company, employees, hiring procedures and the woman who was given her original seat.

While Delta is certainly at fault for moving Coulter from her previously booked seat, a now-controversial practice, her tirade bent so far into the childish and personal that she actually made somewhat of a heroic victim out of the often reviled airline — no mean feat, that.

Delta responded Sunday night by refunding her $30 for the seat, but also called her tweets "unnecessary and unacceptable" through a Twitter statement of its own.

Coulter, true to style, was still furiously tweeting about the incident as of this morning.

"The Daily Show" pulled out a spoon and dug in.

"Wow people, this is the civil rights struggle of our generation," host Trevor Noah said on Monday night's broadcast. "How long will white women be asked to move to the back of the — well, not the back, but just like slightly over two seats? Ann Coulter is basically Airplane Rosa Parks."

For more on the matter, Noah brought on correspondent Roy Wood Jr., who was jokingly positioned outside of the United Nations Headquarters where he said the U.N. Human Rights Council was "in an emergency session to address this terrible injustice."

"Normally they deal with sex trafficking, political prisoners, child soldiers," the correspondent joked. "But they put it all on pause a soon as they heard that Delta moved Coulter from seat 17D to 17F."

"That's an aisle to a window man!" Wood exclaimed. "I almost can't talk about it without getting choked up."

Noah chimed in, adding that "It’s weird to hear Ann Coulter complaining so much when this is how she feels about people who complain," before rolling a series of clips of Coulter railing against "thin-skinned crybabies."

Solid burns, all. See the whole segment below.


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