Fox host: Senate Republicans against Trumpcare are "maybe not true to their country"

A "Fox & Friends" co-host implies that Republicans opposed to the Senate health care bill are un-American

Published July 18, 2017 1:14PM (EDT)

After the Senate' Republican repeal-and-replace health care bill fell apart Monday, "Fox & Friends" co-host Brian Kilmeade said Tuesday that Republicans who voiced opposition to the Senate bill were "maybe not true to their country."

Kilmeade began by saying Sens. Rand Paul, R-Ky., and Ted Cruz, R-Texas., were willing to get their "hands dirty and make it work somehow." However, he criticized the actions of the so-called "moderates" of the party, such as Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio., who "listened to his governor."

"And have you Senator [Susan] Collins, R-Maine., who said, ‘I got some huge blowback when I went back.’ So these people are being true to their school, just not true to their party, and maybe not true to their country," Kilmeade said.

Kilmeade then referenced a Politico report in which President Donald Trump told GOP senators at a dinner on Monday night that the party would look like "dopes" if they couldn't pass a health care bill.

"If the Republicans have the House, Senate and the presidency and they can't pass this health care bill, they are going to look weak," the president said, according to Politico. "How can we not do this after promising it for years?"

"Do they look like dopes?" Kilmeade asked the show's guest Ari Fleischer, former press secretary under George W. Bush.

Fleischer concurred: "He’s right."

"It’s not a question of being true to your party or true to your country. It’s a question of being true to your word. They should not have elevated the issue for eight years among Republicans, saying, 'First thing we’ll do is repeal and replace,' if they weren’t capable of doing it."

Watch the full video below, from Media Matters.

By Charlie May

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