Sebastian Gorka defends Trump's silence on Minnesota mosque bombing: It could be a "fake hate crime"

WATCH: MSNBC hosts confront the deputy assistant to President Trump about this pattern of ignoring certain attacks

Published August 8, 2017 4:14PM (EDT)

Sebastian Gorka   (AP/Susan Walsh)
Sebastian Gorka (AP/Susan Walsh)

On MSNBC on Tuesday, White House aide Sebastian Gorka said that President Donald Trump's administration would only comment on the recent bombing of a mosque in Minneapolis when there is "some kind of finalized investigation."

According to Gorka, "there's a great rule: all initial reports are false, you have to check them, you have to find out who the perpetrators are," he explained.

Gorka went on to say that "we've had a series of crimes committed, alleged hate-crimes, by right-wing individuals in the last six months that turned out to actually have been propagated by the left." Gorka did not cite any specific instances to back up his claim. "When people fake hate crimes in the last six months with some regularity, it's wise to find out what exactly is going on before you make statements, when they could turn out to be not who you are expecting."

"So let's wait and see," Gorka continued. "Let's allow the local authorities to provide their assessment and then the White House will make its comments."

Of course, it's quite odd that the Trump administration is hesitant to comment on what has been called a terrorist attack by the governor of Minnesota. While no one was injured or killed, the potential victims were Muslims — which means it doesn't exactly fit Trump's narrative.

In June, the president jumped the gun and said a shooting in Manila was a terrorist attack even though it wasn't. Trump has a pattern of ignoring these types of attacks, specifically when it challenges his narrative.

MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle pointed out that Trump quickly responded to the recent terror attacks in London, despite the fact that all information was currently not available, but Gorka disagreed.

"Well, sometimes an attack is unequivocally clear for what it is," Gorka said. "When somebody shouts 'Allahu Akbar' as they're stabbing a police officer, it's pretty clear it's not a case of the Mafia robbing a bank, wouldn't you say so?"

Gorka also said on MSNBC that "there's no such thing as a lone wolf . . . that was a phrase invented by the last administration to make Americans stupid." He then added that "there’s never been a serious attack or serious plot that was unconnected from ISIS or Al Qaeda, at least through the ideology."

Watch the interview below.

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