8 great pop-culture podcasts to keep you up to date on TV, movies, music and more

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Published August 20, 2017 3:00PM (EDT)

 (HBO/Marvel Studios/Getty/Frederick M. Brown)
(HBO/Marvel Studios/Getty/Frederick M. Brown)

Whether you’re looking for lighthearted banter or hard-hitting analysis, these eight podcasts about TV and film focus their lens on cultural critique through popular media.

1. “Pop Culture Happy Hour”

A lively weekly chat about music, movies, TV and books, with snappy rapport between the hosts.

2. “Slate’s Represent”

Focusing on movies and TV created by and about women, people of color, and those in the LBGTQ community, host Aisha Harris discusses pop-culture news and interviews creators about their work.

3. “The Watch”

The Ringer’s pop-culture addicts Andy Greenwald and Chris Ryan talk TV, movies and music.

4. “The Popcast with Knox and Jamie”

Educating on entertainment, one week at a time.

5. “Extra Hot Great”

Daily bites and weekly deep-dives on today’s TV.

6. “Only Stupid Answers”

The questions you never knew you had about comics, movies and TV, answered. Stupidly, of course.

7. “Fighting in the War Room”

TV reviews, pop-culture discussion and the occasional interview with a quartet of film and culture critics.

8. “Gen Pop”

Vanity Fair’s Joanna Robinson and Slashfilm’s David Chen answer the week’s most pressing pop-culture questions.

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