Sorry, but Chris Christie won't have a sports-radio gig for you to mock

Christie was eying sports radio but conflicting reports say he either dropped out or was ruled out of consideration

Published August 21, 2017 12:39PM (EDT)

Chris Christie   (AP/Seth Wenig)
Chris Christie (AP/Seth Wenig)

Chris Christie's post-gubernatorial career will not include a stint in sports radio, New York Daily News reported. The embattled New Jersey governor appeared to be a popular candidate for a hosting gig at New York's WFAN, but now he is no longer under consideration.

The New York Daily News reported Saturday that Christie had fallen out of contention to replace long-time radio host Mike Francesa.

"FAN sources said the suits searching for Francesa’s replacement have informed the New Jersey Governor his Gasbag services will not be needed," Daily News' Bob Raissman reported.

In response to the report, Christie issued a statement through a spokesperson declaring that he himself pulled out of the running, New Jersey's The Record reported.

"After considering the other options that I have been presented with for post-gubernatorial employment, I declined their request to do additional shows," Christie's statement said. "I made station executives aware that while I would be happy to continue to fill in for Boomer when asked and when available, that they should no longer consider me as a candidate interested in any job at WFAN when I leave the governorship. I made that clear to them prior to leaving for my family vacation two weeks ago."

Christie hosted a trial run on WFAN last month. It was supposed to be a standard sports-talk radio program, featuring callers asking Christie’s opinions on sports-related topics. However, one caller from New Jersey provoked Christie to go on a tirade, which ended with the governor dubbing him a "communist" and a "bum."

Christie's post-gubernatorial career prospects have taken quite a turn over the past year. During the presidential campaign of Donald Trump, Christie was thought to be in position to attain a high-ranking job in the administration. Christie was booted from the transition team, however, and now he seems to be lost in the wilderness, just like his sad approval ratings.

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