Oklahoma police chief to resign after his name connected to white supremacist website

An interim police chief in Oklahoma will resign after the Southern Poverty Law Center outed him

Published August 27, 2017 4:31PM (EDT)

 (AP Photo/Steve Helber)
(AP Photo/Steve Helber)

A small-town police chief in Oklahoma is prepared to resign from his interim post after the Southern Poverty Law Center connected his name to two neo-Nazi websites, Tulsa World reported.

Bart Alsbrook, who was named the interim head of the police department in Colbert, Oklahoma, denied the allegations to Tulsa World, claiming in a text that white supremacists had stolen his identity.

“Someone has been using my name for years on the Internet in regards to racist topics," Alsbrook said in a text to Tulsa World. "It’s not me, rather someone who has hijacked my name due to my combativeness and rejection to white power skinheads who were always coming to the heavy metal shows, starting fights and messing up our scene.”

Alsrook blamed neo-Nazis from the Dallas area for appropriating his name.

“We hate each other,” he said. “They use my name in all sorts of things.”

A local TV station in Oklahoma, KXII, reported earlier this week that the Southern Poverty Law Center found a man in Texoma who ran a website called ISD Records, which sold racist media and memorabilia.

While Alsbrook is denying the allegations, the report is not entirely surprising.

Earlier this year, the Intercept reported on a heavily-redacted FBI memo which said that right-wing extremists and white supremacists had infiltrated local law enforcement in America.

"This assessment examines white supremacist infiltration of law enforcement from perspectives of both strategic infiltration by organized groups and self-initiated infiltration by law enforcement personnel sympathetic to white supremacist groups," the FBI document stated.

"White supremacist presence among law enforcement personnel is also of concern due to the access they may possess to restricted areas vulnerable to sabotage and to elected officials or protected persons, whom they could see as potential targets for violence," the document added.

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