Fox News poll: 56 percent say Trump is "tearing the country apart"

That's right, a Fox News poll!

Published August 31, 2017 5:12PM (EDT)

 (Getty/Drew Angerer)
(Getty/Drew Angerer)

According to a new poll released by Fox News — normally a cheerleader for President Donald Trump — 56 percent of voters believe that the current commander-in-chief is "tearing the country apart." The poll by the conservative news network also found that just 33 percent of voters said the president is "drawing the country together."

The president's approval rating, 41 percent, stayed the same as a Fox New poll conducted in July, but his disapproval rating went up from 53 percent to 55 percent. The poll was conducted between August 27 and 29.

Overall, voters polled by Fox News are expressing disapproval over various issues on Trump's agenda, including some of his so-called "America First" policies. For example, on immigration, 54 percent of voters said they disapprove of the way the president has handled the issue, while only 43 percent said that they approved. On subjects including North Korea (43-50), the environment (36-56), Russia (35-56), health care (34-60) and race relations (33-61), more voters disapproved of the president's actions than approved.

A majority of voters also disapproved on tax reform (37-45); however, it also had the highest percentage of "don't know" answers, 18 percent, which could be due to the fact that very little is currently known about Trump's tax reform plans.

Trump did, however, receive a majority approval rating on issues such as the economy (49-43) and terrorism (47-45). He broke even on the war in Afghanistan at 43 percent either approving or disapproving and 15 percent saying they didn't have an opinion.

Fifty-six percent of voters also said that they believe Trump doesn't respect racial minorities, while only 41 percent said that he does. Regarding the recent incidents in Charlottesville, 52 percent of voters said they believed white supremacists were responsible for violence, which is in contrast to the president's response.

While Trump continues to promise a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, voters don't appear to actually want it. Fifty-six percent of those polled by Fox News opposed building of a wall, while only 39 percent favored it.

To be somewhat fair, Trump isn't the only one with poor ratings. As whole, Congress fairs far worse, with a stunning 74 percent disapproval rating. Only a minute 15 percent of voters approved of their job performance.

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