Cleveland police plan on protesting NFL national anthem demonstrations by boycotting anthem

Cleveland police union does not appreciate the protests, so they're staging a protest of their own

By Taylor Link
September 3, 2017 8:22PM (UTC)
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A group of Cleveland Browns players kneel during the national anthem before a game against the New York Giants (Getty/Joe Robbins)

The Cleveland police union sure has found a curious way to express their contempt for the NFL protests of the national anthem: They will not participate in the pregame ceremony.

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Cleveland police will not be holding the American flag during the Brown's first game on Sept. 10.


Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association President Steve Loomis said that the decision was made in response to the "ignorant" protests conducted by a group of Browns players two weeks ago.

"It's just ignorant for someone to do that," Loomis said. "It just defies logic to me. The fact that management was aware of what they planned on doing, that's as offensive as it can get."

"When management allows you to do those things, then that's on them," he added. "It's hypocritical of the Browns management and ownership to want to have an armed forces first-responder day, and have us involved in it when they allow their players to take a knee during the national anthem. That's the very representation of what we stand for. That's why we aren't going to."


The Browns organization released a statement last week defending the rights of their players.

"As an organization, we have a profound respect for our country's National Anthem, flag and the servicemen and servicewomen in the United States and abroad," a Browns spokesman said in a statement. "We feel it's important for our team to join in this great tradition and special moment of recognition, at the same time we also respect the great liberties afforded by our country, including the freedom of personal expression."

Cleveland police spokeswoman Sgt. Jennifer Ciaccia emphasized to the HuffPost that the police department is not organizing the boycott and that the union "does not speak for" the department.

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