Niecy Nash dishes her advice for young actors and all dreamers with wild ambitions

The successful actor talks to Salon about her journey to stardom and some important lessons along the way

Published September 3, 2017 6:00PM (EDT)

"To be fabulous and on television" was an ambition Niecy Nash discovered early and by all accounts succeeded in immensely, she said recently on "Salon Talks" with Salon's Alli Joseph.

Nash's on-screen roles have been expansive, and she now stars in TNT's drama series "Claws," which will return for season 2 in 2018. But the journey to stardom wasn't a seamless one, as Nash navigated her Hollywood dreams with three kids by her side.

Nash appeared on "Salon Talks" and spoke about her vigorous work ethic over the years, as well as gave advice for up and coming actors. Here are some highlights from the conversation.

On her words to live by:

The three words that I've lived by in my career are 'no matter what'; those are the words, because there's always going to be an obstacle. There's always going to be a challenge. I've had to go to casting directors' offices with three babies in tow, because they call you for a callback, but the kids already got out of school. That's the no-matter-what of it.k.

On advice to upcoming actors:

Aside from the no-matter-what of it all, the one thing that I think that I'd say is that you have to know the difference between a hobby and the call on your life, because those are two totally different things and you will approach it in a different way.

'Yeah, I think being an actor would be kind of cool,' is very different from 'I know that this is part of my destiny,' which means that I have to be in a prepared place, which means I have to study my craft, which means I have to be vigilant about how I go about bringing this thing to fruition. It's a different way you move in it. Know what it is first, and then, once you know which side of the lane you're on, you'll better know how to navigate the space.

Also too, don't be selfish. If you find out about a casting, or you find out about an audition, share that information with other people who you know are out there trying to do the same thing. Because I find, for me, the more I give in this business, the more I get. It comes back; there's a reciprocity in it that just can't be explained. It just is.

Watch the video above to hear Niecy Nash reveal the moment she knew she wanted to be an actor.

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