Alex Jones during the Sept. 6, 2017 edition of his web and radio talk show. (Screenshot)

Alex Jones, Mike Cernovich warn of dangers of brain-eating robots, AI pushing Islam

Rabid Trump fan and conspiracy theorist has an important update for humanity

Matthew Sheffield
September 8, 2017 4:25PM (UTC)

Conspiracy radio host Alex Jones and Mike Cernovich have issued an important warning to the world about a rogue artificial intelligence program which appears to be bringing in Muslims into America and inflaming racial tensions with the overall objective of taking over full control of humanity.

"The computer is already warring humans against each other with the race narrative, the culture narrative, and then bringing in foreign stimuli like the Islamicists, which we have to fight because it wants to take us over like the A.I. and it brings in that artificial stimuli to then just supercharge it," Jones told loyal fans on Wednesday in a segment first highlighted by Right Wing Watch.


"Yeah," Cernovich agreed. He then talked about how the machines were going to take over human society.

"The next evolution, though, is going to be little quantum A.I. bots and they can just send them into a part of your brain where you don't even know," he warned, saying the effect would be similar to the symptoms displayed by humans and animals infected by a microscopic parasite known as Toxoplasma gondii.


That dismal future has long existed for members of the military, Jones interrupted.

"What they're already doing for about 20 years is, they have an anti-stress vaccine they give the troops that's really a nanotech virus that goes in and eats certain parts of the brain."

While Jones and Cernovich's important warnings may sound laughable to some people, not everyone is so foolish to discount them. In December of 2015, then-presidential candidate Donald Trump told Jones on his radio show that he had an "amazing" reputation and that he hoped he would not let Jones down in his White House bid.


"I think we’ll be speaking a lot," Trump said, describing his ideal scenario of winning the presidency.

Cernovich is also similarly highly regarded within the Trump White House. In April, Donald Trump Jr. took to Twitter to say that Cernovich — known for his promotion of the "Pizzagate" conspiracy theory accusing famous Democrats of secretly running a global pedophilia ring — deserved print journalism's highest honor.


Also this week, the Onion's PatriotHole fake news parody site formally launched a new web series providing important updates like the one below:

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