Sean Spicer is not sexy, America says

Sean Spicer was subjected to a harsh and vulgar poll on his looks — and the results weren't pretty

By Charlie May
September 8, 2017 4:37PM (UTC)
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Sean Spicer (Getty/Chip Somodevilla)

As former White House press secretary Sean Spicer has gears up for life outside the White House — looking to make paid speeches and write books, the once-daily television phenomenon will need to take a little more care to look good for the camera.

In a poll about celebrity looks, Spicer received zero percentage points for sexiness. The E-Score poll is "used by major talent agencies and TV executives to assess celebrities," according to Politico.


An overwhelming 64 percent of the respondents in the E-Score poll had a negative opinion about Spicer while only 36 percent viewed him positively. Worse yet, Spicer received zero percent in physical categories: sexy, handsome, cute and beautiful, according to the results. His highest rating — 33 percent — was rudeness, as insincere, creepy, aggressive and cold close behind.

The former press secretary's overall score, which is measured "based on awareness, appeal and attributes," was a measly 13 out of a possible 100, Politico reported. To give other examples, Oprah Winfrey was rated a 96 overall and NBC's Megyn Kelly was rated a 52.

The survey was conducted in April, which is when Spicer's daily routine still consisted of battling with the media. "That’s a very high negative score," Randy Parker, E-Score’s director of marketing, said about Spicer, Politico reported. "In fairness, the picture changes quite a bit when we limit responses to Republicans."


However, Spicer surprisingly didn't receive the lowest rating.

Politico elaborated:

Jared Kushner, senior adviser and son-in-law of President Donald Trump, scored an overall 5, mainly due to respondents’ lack of awareness of him. Anthony Weiner, the disgraced former congressman awaiting sentencing for sending obscene material to a minor, scored a 2. And even prominent Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, who has served South Carolina since 2003, came in at only 6.

Spicer signed with agent Robert Barnett, though he hasn't been able to land a television gig with a major news network. But he's still doing well, and has signed with Worldwide Speakers group "for a number of arrangements," according to Politico.


"I have been thrilled with all of the opportunities that have come my way in several areas since leaving the White House. I could not be happier," Spicer said in an email to Politico.

Unfortunately some of these results, while hilarious for many, prove little about Spicer. How the public, or talent executives, rate his physical attributes is completely unnecessary and serves little purpose — even if all celebrities are subject to the same scrutiny. There are plenty of fair and accurate ways to criticize Spicer, without demeaning him in a way that the often judgmental public should really refrain from.


Still, Josh Earnest was so much better looking.

Charlie May

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