Bill Maher was determined to find out who Ken Bone voted for in the 2016 election

The internet sensation joined "Real Time" wearing his red sweater to talk about how he decided to cast his vote

Charlie May
September 9, 2017 12:23PM (UTC)

Ken Bone wasn't about to let Bill Maher bully him into revealing who he cast his vote for in the 2016 presidential election.

The viral sensation sat down with Maher on HBO's "Real Time" Friday night, only to be grilled about who he voted for, and why it took him so long to decide. Maher was more than determined that Bone was a "gettable voter," meaning one that liberals, and the Democratic Party, could still sway in future elections to turn against Trump. But Bone stayed composed, and kept to his word.


"I promised before the election that I wouldn’t say who I voted for," Bone said, wearing his infamous red sweater. "Because like it or not we’re obsessed with celebrities in this country and even like an F-list celebrity like me, people put stock in my opinion and it’s not fair to the democratic process if I tell them what to believe."

"You’re an informer, that is your job to inform people, educate them, entertain them," Bone explained to Maher. "I’m a random dude who works at the power plant, people don’t need to be informed by me."

Bone of course became an internet wonder during the second presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton when he sat alongside other voters who still hadn't fully made their minds up.


Bone, who described himself as a libertarian, didn't directly answer why it took him so long to decide who he would vote for, and what problems, if any, he found with Clinton.

"I never really hated Hillary," he explained, and added that he was "willing to let the investigation play out," regarding her email server scandal. But Bone did express frustration over former FBI Director James Comey's decision to re-examine Clinton's emails just days prior to the election.

Maher was determined to get a straight answer, so he moved to the topic of Russia. When asked if he thought "there was something to the Russia story," Bone replied, "Oh absolutely."


Charlie May

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